Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Screen and I

Today I was posed a question on how my computer screen affects me as type of space. Honestly, my computer screen has a fairly significant affect on my life. Mostly because I'm a gamer and I rely heavily on what my computer screen has to offer. When I'm home, I'm probably in my recliner with my laptop... well on my lap. I use my laptop for new, I use my laptop for gaming and I use my laptop for homework. It's basically my entire functional life, talk about being a cyborg.

I honestly don't find a need for television anymore because anything that can be seen on the television can be seen on the computer screen. Thus, when it comes to space I'd have to say that the computer screen encompasses my world. I, am the mouse cursor and I click what I want to find out more about. If it's homework I generally go towards the applications that allow me to manipulate the screen to create the art needed to pass my classes. Therefore I also call viruses and invasion of supreme privacy. If I ever got a virus, which I take care to not get, my entire lifeline would be shut off... what would I do? Go outside like the normal kids? No thanks. OK, yes that's a bit exaggeration but honestly I don't think we're that far off from being this hooked on computers.

As a language, I'd say it speaks exactly what I need to understand it. It's symbols and visuals allow me to understand what it's sending my way and I interpret it with my brain. The best thing also is that I can view as many things as I want at any time I want.

To go off of the example in class, the screen allows me to hold a book of 300 pages, and view the pages at my leisure and not have to hold the book. I no longer have to manually light the room for my book since the screen is automatically lit.  A great thing too, now, is that if the book had something I couldn't understand, I can simply use my internet browser and search for it's meaning. It brings information straight to my fingertips instead of having to go to an actual library. Not to sound ignorant or ungrateful for libraries, but honestly it would seem that their time is coming to an end for people that don't care about relocating their physical bodies when they can simply search for information on their computers at home.

I honestly feel that I expect everything of my laptop. I want, and use it for everything. To talk to friends, I use facebook or game forums, to learn I use google and to work I use the adobe suite. My computer understands what I'm telling it... so long as I tell it correctly. This kind of goes back to language and how I, not exactly me but, programed my computer to output and input English. Error commands etc are directed towards me in English, but there is also computer language such as java, actionscript, c++ etc. At that point it's taking codes that it already knows to do certain things and processes them the way they were set to be processed. If i use addChild(x) in action script, for example, it's going to go into my action script library and look for the symbol x and then place it on the stage. Why? Because that's what the code is meant to do. If I spelled it wrong, then the code is wrong and doesn't say what I meant at all. That's when it gets tricky, because computers are typically literal. There is no common sense in coding, if I spell addChidl instead, it will give me back an error saying that the code is unrecognized and that I should look over it.

Thus, that is the language developed so that we, humans, can speak to our computers or programs. Creating a new form would be no easy feat as we would have to look at pretty much every aspect needed. Design programs for example have to have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of commands because art and design is meant to be fairly detailed and how else can we be detailed if we don't have various ways to do things.

Eventually things were made easier, for example if you open Flash you can literally click the square tool and place a square on the stage. Before you would have to code the program to have a border appear at the x and y coordinates on the screen as a certain color. This is also what changes laptops from new technology like ipads. Where now instead of a mouse, which sends codes to the computer specifying how the cursor should move, uses heat sensory technology to tell the cursor where to go, or what to click or open on the screen. That conversation is now being done in a different language, a more physical language. Touch vs movement.

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