Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Theory Of Human and Machine Communication

The main focus on how humans and machines interact when it comes to electrical or digital pieces are that there has to be a way for humans to tell the machine how to do something. Obviously that was, well, obvious! One example I can give is how people use adobe Flash in order to have information portrayed as an animation. Code that humans wrote can be input into a software program which humans also wrote in order to produce a computer generated animation which the machine wrote with our guidance.

Most of the time it's something we wrote that needs to be portrayed but sometimes, with the help of machines, we can take something and portray it in a way completely different than it was initially intended. Using programs that understand a bit of language, for example being able to distinguish between verbs and nouns, you can create an article out of an article but without any of the nouns it initially had. A person can do it sure, but a machine can do it faster.

I honestly think most electronic literature out there now is something any person can do physically but in order to distribute to the masses, which is another good reason that this interaction needs to take place, we use the computer and the internet. It's with the internet that we are allowed to share most of our pieces of art that we created with the aid of computers.

It's because of our basic understanding of computers that we can also see art created by others. Internet has connected us in a way that nothing else can reproduce. I can see something created across the globe in seconds thanks to my internet connection. Without machines, that wouldn't be possible.

It's also because of this that there are an uncountable amount of works which means that no ONE piece will be the greatest. Or at least, there has yet to be one named the best internet piece ever. But I have a nominee... the internet itself. I feel the internet is the greatest electronic work of art ever created. Everyone gets a different story from it and everyone is allowed to use and share knowledge through it.

There's an infinite amount of answers waiting to be asked and found and an infinite amount of ways we can view the answers, as imagery text, video, audio etc. What is the internet if not one huge interactive story?

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